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Jesmond's Inspection Report

“Children clearly enjoy the well-planned singing, dancing and music sessions, which promotes their creativity and physical development very well. The good quality teaching ensures that children use a range of musical instruments correctly and enthusiastically and they make sure that all children are able to take part.”  


“The strong management team have a clear overview of the welfare, learning and development requirements and the long standing, dedicated staff are very well supported. This means that all children reach their full potential in a caring, nurturing environment.”  


“Parents are welcomed by friendly staff and they can discuss their child's care, learning and development at any time. This means that good continuity is in place for children.”  


"Information provided to parents both when they enquire about the nursery and during their child's time at nursery is very comprehensive, ensuring that they are fully informed about how the nursery runs and their child's care. Parents are informed and consulted, when appropriate, about issues that effect the care of their children in a variety of ways i.e. verbally, "My nursery day" sheet, newsletters, notice boards and parents evenings."  


"The nursery provides good quality care for the children. A warm and welcoming environment is created for children and parents enabling children to build effective relationships with adults and parents to be fully informed and involved in their children's care."


"Staff provide a wealth of imaginative and enjoyable activities to encourage the children's full involvement in positive learning experiences."


To view previous OFSTED reports you can view these at the OFSTED website by clicking the link below:

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OFSTED are the government body that inspect childcare settings.


What did Ofsted have to say about Jesmond Nursery?


“Staff are very attentive, genuinely caring and interested in what children do and say. Therefore, children are confident, self-assured and make good progress in their personal, social and emotional development.”