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Elmfield Ofsted Report

Ofsted are the government body that inspects childcare settings. In our latest Ofsted Inspection Report (2017), Ofsted said the following:


"The learning environment throughout the nursery, and particularly outdoors, is highly stimulating and conducive to children's learning. Interesting displays, rich in diversity and novel resources and equipment, mean children are keen to join in and motivated to learn. Children make good progress in all areas of learning"


"Positive attachments with key persons supports children's growing confidence as they move through the nursery. Babies settle in smoothly and older children relish the opportunity to ask visitors to the nursery questions and invite them to play."


"Staff are well qualified, attend training courses and observe one another's teaching to strengthen their skills. Staff work closely with other professionals to meet the needs of children attending. Good information sharing means all adults working with children are aware of their needs."


"Staff working with babies are calm, expressive and provide a stimulating environment for them to explore. Staff working with older children are animated and, on the whole, support learning very well through good questioning and other effective teaching skills."


"Children are well prepared for their future learning. Older children become independent in their self-care skills and develop good social awareness. They demonstrate excellent listening skills and enjoy identifying letter sounds and early writing opportunities. Babies and toddlers develop good control in their small- and large-muscle movements and begin

to use single words from a young age. "


You can download the full report here.